Loropio, Turkana, Kenya

Educating The Future: Sparking curiosity in the new technology, the opportunity to ignite imagination, discover and explore new horizons.

Help make Wakanda real

Wakanda Girls High School, at the shore of Lake Turkana, will be the first fully digital girl school in Kenya, with every desk and classroom equipped with a networked computer system and a large variety of digital extracurricular activities, giving girls the education, confidence, and empowerment to be leaders in the digital world of the future.

A classroom full of opportunity – the center for learning. Opening the door to empowered education. An educated girl is a force for change!

Tuition and School Needs
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Wakanda Girls High School Aerial View

Construction Support

Hilfsverein Nymphenburg, Stern Stunden and the County Government of Turkana are covering the largest portions of the construction expenses for Wakanda Girls High School, but due to covid delays, supply chain issues, increased costs we could use a little to help with the smaller items around the campus.  A pathway here, a jiko (cooking stove), maintenance and upkeep needs we could always use a few more shillings to improve and complete construction with quality.

Construction and Campus Management Support
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Donation Total: $100.00

You can donate via PayPal below. If you need a tax-deductible donation (in Germany), kindly donate via bank transfer to the following account and details:

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