Loropio, Turkana, Kenya

Wakanda foundation construction

Wakanda Girls High School 2024

Ground Breaking
Wakanda Girls groundbreaking
Tree planting
Trees planting

Tree planting exercise began in April where a total of 500 trees were planted and since then we have had watering of trees on a daily basis by the local community.

Classrooms Block A
Wakanda Girls High School classrooms block a

The first Classroom Block is complete. It has four classrooms which will suffice for the first 2 years after opening the school.

Houses for teachers and staff
Houses for teachers and staff

Through our partner organizations startup lions and Lionstreghth CBO we have constructed teacher’s living units that shall be rented and the income will be used to support vulnerable girls in the program.

The housing units are 60% complete with two units of 6 separate rooms and two more blocks are at 50% complete. The Houses are on the Startup Lions Campus, but within a 10 minute walking distance from Wakanda School gate.

School multipurpose hall & kitchen
Wakanda Girls High School multipurpose hall
Girl in classroom 1
Girl in classroom 1

The Classrooms of Wakanda girls will be equipped with “smart desks”. These were designed for the school specifically and serve as writing desks for the normal school time, but then every classroom can be converted to a computer lab for extra technology lessons.

So far, four classrooms have been equipped!

Arial view of the Wakanda Girls high school campus
Wakanda Girls High School Aerial View
New Building Roofing
new building roofing
Progress on the Main Building
Progress on the Main Building/wakanda

To the right of the first Classroom Block A, roofing of the main building is currently making progress. The last fittings will be completed before we will proceed with the finishing and adding the interior: desks, ICT and screens.

The Main Building will house the teacher offices, a library and a shop for school supplies.

Picturesque View

The sub-structure of the room is standing, and whilst everything is coming together step-by-step, the look at Lake Turkana reveals itself between the pillars.