Loropio, Turkana, Kenya

Nick Hendersen

Nick occasionally has thoughts NOT pertaining to the maintenance and sustainability of the off-grid community forming in Loropio, and for reasons still shrouded in mystery, they often find an audience. With a background in entertainment, property management, and mixed media arts, he arrived in Kenya with a dearth of knowledge about NGO work. However, a long standing attachment to ecology and indigenous culture, along with a healthy detachment from normative societal constructs, drew him to the notion of empowering underserved populaces through innovative zero-waste digital learning, from deep within ancestral lands. By decentralizing from overwrought tech hubs, and infusing isolated regions with equity, commerce, and education, small steps can be made in correcting structural imbalances which stymie socioeconomic equality. Nick’s mother rode the first tech boom wave in the US, giving him a longview of reframing gender dynamics within the industry. While we may be a long way from kimoyo beads and dora milaje, real world efforts in Turkana can make an impressive impact on the lives and dreams of the girls and women that call it home.